“human eye” by Cédric Klei on Unsplash

They seek in silence.
Glare the glooms.
Rhythms the heart with a blink,
and weeps the feeling out.
A white light reflects the inner-self of the seeker.
Admires the sky, nourishes the breeze and submerges with the water.
Stares the empty path ahead,
and foresee the quintessence of the journey.
Awaits for unknown’s
And the glance away of known.
Soar above to dream & stare-down with pain.
Narrates every story from the heart, still a poser to mind
and shares the moment of joy with the beautiful eye’s.


#redhatter #opensource #developer #kubernetes #keycloak #golang #openshift #quarkus #spring https://mentorcruise.com/mentor/abhishekkoserwal/

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