Git in Real

  • Remotes
  • Amend
  • Merge-Conflicts
  • Log Tricks
  • Github free account
  • Git installed in your system
  • Basic understanding of git concepts like git add, git commit and branching etc.
git clone

Lesson 1: Remotes (branch: Ch1-remotes)

git checkout Ch1-remotes

Lesson: 2 Amend: Rewriting history

git checkout Ch2-amend

Lesson 3: Merge Conflicts

git checkout Ch3-merge

4 Logging-tricks: Find out when a particular file was changed:

git log --name-status --follow --oneline <filename> history
git reflog
git clean -df
  • For removing directories: git clean -f -d
  • For Ignored files: git clean -f -X
  • For removing ignored/non-ignored files: git clean -f -x.



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