• Ankita Agrawal

    Ankita Agrawal

    Ruby on Rails | Angularjs | Freelancer | Consultant

  • Maarten Verkoren

    Maarten Verkoren

    3D-printing entrepreneur @ 3DMakersZone, Assembl3d, 3Dprint Magazine, 3DMakersMagic, blogger. Cooking, bootcamp, bikram yoga, movies, books, travel.

  • Carlos Vicens

    Carlos Vicens

    Mobile tech lover, programming languages collector, open source believer, redhatter

  • Tairan Wang

    Tairan Wang

  • Matt Payne

    Matt Payne

    Computer Programmer in Omaha, NE

  • Dessie K

    Dessie K

  • arpita jain

    arpita jain

    cheerful,whimsical, sangfroid, semi aware, foodie......

  • KBC IN

    KBC IN

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