Error: error parsing template {{.data.”key-x”}}, template: output:1: bad character U+002D ‘-’


  • namespace: test
  • name of the secret: `config-parameters`


kind: Secret
apiVersion: v1
name: config-parameters
namespace: test
test-id: dGVzdC12YWx1ZQ==
type: Opaque
export NAMESPACE=testexport NAME=config-parametersoc get secrets/$NAME -n $NAMESPACE —-template=’{{index .data "test-id"}}’|base64 -d




#redhatter #opensource #developer #kubernetes #keycloak #golang #openshift #quarkus #spring

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Abhishek koserwal

Abhishek koserwal

#redhatter #opensource #developer #kubernetes #keycloak #golang #openshift #quarkus #spring

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